Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Printer Ink Jet Epson T20e terbaru dari Epson

Epson T20e
Printer Epson t20e is a new models from epson, this printer more suitable, smooth prints, goods colours, and more faster than inkjet epson older type, such as stylus c90, c58.
The problem is we still cannot find free resetter for this epson t20e type. but if you still want to download resetter for epson t20e, just click here

Deskripsi Produk
  • A4 - 5760x1440 dpi - 26/14 ppm - USB
  • 73N Black Ink Cartridge (Standard Ink)
  • 73N Cyan Ink Cartridge (Standard Ink)
  • 73N Magenta Ink Cartridge (Standard Ink)
  • 73N Yellow Ink Cartridge (Standard Ink)
  • 91N Black Ink Cartridge (Economy Ink)
  • 91N Cyan Ink Cartridge (Economy Ink)
  • 91N Magenta Ink Cartridge (Economy Ink)
  • 91N Yellow Ink Cartridge (Economy Ink)
More Information, click here

Harga:Rp. 637,000
Kredit (12.bln):Rp N/A


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